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NovaSol is advancing the state of the art with miniaturized integrated hyperspectral sensors and real-time data processing systems for airborne reconnaissance and surveillance applications. Intended for deployment on UAVs or other small airborne platforms, NovaSol's lightweight, miniaturized systems leverage our extensive expertise in hyperspectral compare-model1100-micro-hsi-vis-nirimaging and on-board data fusion processing. 

The VNIR sensor, less than one quarter the physical size of NovaSol's
popular 1100 series sensor, is being combined with a miniaturized fusion
processor for automated functionality including dark subtraction (removing
noise inherent in the camera), binning, pixel correction, geo-registration (in conjunction with the INS and GPS on the aircraft), specified anomaly detection,
and shutter and camera control. 

The VNIR prototype spectrometer was first tested in November 2005.
The high-efficiency production version was first flown in August of 2007. Ultimately, NovaSol will provide a suite of microsensors to cover all bands, including SWIR (1K and 640 versions), MWIR and LWIR. When paired with onboard processing, additional small sensors for SAR or HRI panchromatic imagery will offer a comprehensive reconnaissance capability.

Dual-use applications of this system include environmental mapping, reef health, pollution monitoring, law enforcement, baseline mapping, change detection, agriculture, mineral exploration, invasive species, urban planning, and surveillance and reconnaissance.

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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