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ARCHER Introduction
ARCHER is a turnkey airborne hyperspectral imaging system designed by NovaSol. Currently, it is supporting Civil Air Patrol missions related to search & rescue and disaster relief.

ARCHER utilizes an on-board processing system to apply sophisticated detection algorithms to spectral image data in real time. These detection algorithms allow the system to automatically find objects and phenomena, such as a life raft in high seas or oil slick on a river. ARCHER immediately alerts the instrument operator on the aircraft of these objects, and displays their location in earth coordinates. In addition, a high resolution camera provides enlarged images of the identified areas.

ARCHER can be adapted to numerous missions and search scenarios. All image data, as well as navigation and inertial data, is recorded on removable hard drives. The drives can be transferred to an ARCHER ground station immediately after landing for post-processing of the data.

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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