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visNIR microHSI™

NovaSol's microHSI™ series of hyperspectral imaging sensors offers a unique combination of high performance and unprecedented compact size and low weight. The visNIR microHSI™ with 680 spatial pixel swath format is ideal for limited payload applications. With three spectral overage/frame rate combinations, the visNIR microHSI™ operates at up to 86Hz, provides up to 180 bands of spectral resolution, and spans the 380-1000nm near uv/visible/near infrared region.

NovaSol has advanced the state of the art with the visNIR microHSI™ by incorporating its patented solid block Offner relay miniaturization technology in its hyperspectral imaging spectrograph designs. The visNIR microHSI™ is less than 25% of the size of conventional sensors, enabling integration of hyperspectral sensing capability into small airborne and ground platforms, turreted systems for complex multi-sensor/multi-mission applications, and constrained space industrial sites. The visNIR microHSI™ with foreoptics weighs less than a single pound, enabling deployment in UAVs or man-portable/handheld application. As with all NOVASOL sensors, the visNIR microHSI™ achieves its high spatial, spectral, and sensitivity performance through a completely integrated optical design, in contrast to sensors assembled from independent components.

NovaSol provides individual visNIR hyperspectral sensors for customer integration or complete capability with a total system, incorporating
multiple sensors, real time and on-board data exploitation, and user processing station support. 

Applications for the NOVASOL visNIR microHSI™ include:

• Tactical UAV reconnaissance
   - Automated target detection
   - Combined turreted systems
   - Conventional turret sensor cuing
   - Image analysis streamlining
   - Counter explosive and IED

• Military-civil dual-use light aircraft and UAV applications
   - Search and rescue
   - Disaster mitigation
   - Environmental assessment and monitoring
   - Humanitarian assistance

• Handheld and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) deployment
   - Automated threat detection
   - Counter mine/IED
   - Dismount detection

• Industrial process monitoring/inspection
   - Semiconductor/Electronics
   - Pharmaceutical
   - Food and Beverage 
   - Aerospace/Industrial
   - Fine art

• Commercial remote sensing
   - Mineral/Petroleum exploration
   - Precision agriculture
   - Waste/recycling management
   - Terrain/vegetation/urban characterization 

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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