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SWIR 640C microHSI™

NovaSol is proud to announce the availability of its high performance SWIR MicroHSI™ 640C hyperspectral sensor for weight and space-constrained applications. The MicroHSI™ SWIR 640C supports collection rates in excess of 100 Hz with 640 spatial pixel swath format and up to 170 bands of spectral resolution across the 850 – 1700nm Short Wave InfraRed region.

The MicroHSI™ SWIR 640C features an unprecedented low SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) footprint, enabling airborne installation in lower-tier Unmanned Air Systems. This sensor extends the unique high performance miniaturization design innovations, patented by NovaSol and incorporated into multiple visNIR and SWIR hyperspectral sensor models, through customization of the detector array module. At less than one-half the SWAP of the MicroHSI™ 640, the 640C can provide the user with quality hyperspectral imagery while minimizing host platform or site integration impact. With pushbroom, scanned or static operation, the 640C is ideal for tactical airborne, ground vehicle, machine vision, and even hand-held applications. The compact configuration of the SWIR MicroHSI™ 640C facilitates integration into a multi-sensor gimbal payload to support complex and/or multiple mission requirements.

NovaSol provides individual SWIR hyperspectral sensors for customer integration or complete capability with a total system, incorporating multiple sensors, real time and on-board data exploitation, and user processing station support. 

Applications for the NovaSol SWIR 640C microHSI™ include:

• Handheld and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) deployment
   - Automated threat detection
   - Counter mine/IED
   - Dismount detection

• Tactical UAV reconnaissance
   - Automated target detection
   - Combined turreted systems
   - Conventional turret sensor cuing
   - Image analysis streamlining
   - Counter explosive and IED

• Military-civil dual-use light aircraft and UAV applications
   - Search and rescue
   - Disaster mitigation
   - Environmental assessment and monitoring
   - Humanitarian assistance

• Industrial process monitoring/inspection
   - Semiconductor/Electronics
   - Pharmaceutical
   - Food and Beverage
   - Aerospace/Industrial
   - Fine art

• Commercial remote sensing
   - Mineral/Petroleum exploration
   - Precision agriculture
   - Waste/recycling management
   - Terrain/vegetation/urban characterization 

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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