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SWIR 640 microHSI™

NovaSol now offers the SWIR 640 microHSI™ hyperspectral sensor for high frame rate applications. Designed for both ground-based and airborne use, the SWIR 640 microHSI™ supports high collection rates and expansive area coverage with its 640 pixel swath format and >320 Hz sampling, while providing up to 170 bands of spectral resolution across the 850-1700nm Short Wave InfraRed region.

The SWIR 640 microHSI™ exploits the innovative solid block Offner relay miniature spectrograph design, pioneered and patented by NovaSol, that has been incorporated into multiple visNIR and SWIR high performance hyperspectral sensors. The rapid >320 Hz sample rate of the SWIR 640 microHSI™ supports ground applications, enabling swift sweep rates and short revisit times for surveillance and/or detection of fleeting targets. In airborne deployment, the fast framing of the SWIR 640 microHSI™ facilitates high v/h (velocity to height) synchronous pushbroom or wide swath “whiskbroom” operation, minimizing along-track smear and enabling optimal hyperspectral image processing. Rapid/high volume industrial processes can be inspected and monitored by the SWIR 640 microHSI™ in machine vision applications.

NovaSol provides individual SWIR hyperspectral sensors for customer integration or complete capability with a total system, incorporating multiple sensors, real time and on-board data exploitation, and user processing station support. 

Applications for the NOVASOL SWIR 640 microHSI™ include:

• Manned/Unmanned ground vehicle rapid advance
   - Automated threat detection
   - Counter mine/IED
   - Dismount detection

• Tactical airborne reconnaissance
   - Automated target detection
   - Conventional reconnaissance sensor cuing
   - Image analysis streamlining
   - Counter explosive and IED

• Military-civil dual-use airborne applications
   - Search and rescue
   - Disaster mitigation
   - Environmental assessment and monitoring
   - Humanitarian assistance

• High throughput industrial process monitoring/inspection
   - Semiconductor/Electronics
   - Pharmaceutical
   - Food and Beverage
   - Aerospace/Industrial
   - Fine art

• High coverage rate/High resolution commercial remote sensing
   - Mineral/Petroleum exploration
   - Precision agriculture
   - Waste/recycling management
   - Terrain/vegetation/urban characterization 

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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