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Alpha-vis microHSI™

NovaSol has recently completed fabrication and test of its revolutionary Alpha-vis microHSI™ hyperspectral sensor with a unique combination of high velocity/altitude ratio capability with high spatial resolution in an exceedingly low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) package. Designed primarily for high performance airborne use, but also appropriate for demanding ground vehicle and industrial applications, the Alpha-vis microHSI™ supports the challenging combination of high collection rates, small Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and wide area coverage with its 1280 pixel swath and >1200 Hz sampling, all while providing 40 bands of spectral resolution across the 400-800nm visible region. A 350-1000nm version is also available.

The Alpha-vis microHSI™ uniquely leverages NovaSol's patented solid block Offner relay miniature spectrograph design. The Alpha-vis microHSI™ was specifically designed to meet the sophisticated performance requirement demands of the U.S. Army Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) for its Shadow UAV advanced countermine payload. NovaSol innovatively adapted its standard microHSI™ spectrograph technology and integrated it with a high performance CMOS detector array to achieve an unprecedented combination of spatial pixel swath, framing rate, and spectral performance. Coupled with an athermal lens design, the resulting Alpha-vis microHSI™ supports contiguous 4 inch GSD coverage from a 5000 foot altitude floor with excellent spectral fidelity, all from a turretcompatible, highly compact unit.

NovaSol provides individual visNIR hyperspectral sensors for customer integration or complete capability with a total system, incorporating multiple sensors, real time and on-board data exploitation, and user processing station support. 

Applications for the NovaSol Alpha-vis microHSI™ include:

• Manned/Unmanned ground vehicle rapid advance
   - Automated threat detection
   - Counter mine/IED
   - Dismount detection

• Tactical manned and UAV reconnaissance
   - Automated target detection
   - Combined turreted systems
   - Conventional reconnaissance/turret sensor cuing
   - Image analysis streamlining
   - Counter explosive and IED

• Military-civil dual-use airborne applications
   - Search and rescue
   - Disaster mitigation
   - Environmental assessment and monitoring
   - Humanitarian assistance

• High throughput industrial process monitoring/inspection
   - Semiconductor/Electronics
   - Pharmaceutical
   - Food and Beverage
   - Aerospace/Industrial
   - Fine art

• High coverage rate/High resolution commercial remote sensing
   - Mineral/Petroleum exploration
   - Precision agriculture
   - Waste/recycling management
   - Terrain/vegetation/urban characterization 

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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