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NovaSol is the world leader in the design, fabrication, and system integration of compact, high performance hyperspectral imaging sensors. NovaSol's line of microHSI™ sensors universally achieve their combination of low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and high spatial and spectral performance through its patented miniaturized solid optical block spectrograph design. This revolutionary design imbeds an inherently low optical aberration Offner relay, with integrated high efficiency diffraction grating, into a solid glass block. Without air spacing, the light ray paths are highly condensed, resulting in the low SWaP and mechanical and thermal robustness. The Offner configuration yields impeccable spectral fidelity and unsurpassed spatial resolution. The high efficiency reflective grating and minimization of optical component surfaces due to the solid block design results in maximal transmission for superior signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance. 

All NovaSol microHSI™ sensors are co-developed with in-house designed high performance lenses to ensure preservation of both spectral and spatial fidelity, in contrast to suppliers who fit spectrographs with COTS lenses, resulting in sensors that suffer from spectral and spatial mixing and resolution degradation. Each NovaSol microHSI™ spectrograph is designed specifically to work with a particular state-of-the-art detector array, ensuring integrated sensor performance optimization from the face of the lens to the digital electronic data output.

Our Hyperspectral Sensor Products:

NovaSol Sensor




Frame Rate

(in pixels)


Standard IFOV

visNIR microHSI™ A 400-800nm 120, 3.3nm 86 Hz 680 0.45 kg 385/770 urad
  B 400-1000nm 180, 3.3nm 66 Hz 680 0.45 kg 385/770 urad
  C 380-880nm 150, 3.3nm 76 Hz 680 0.45 kg 385/770 urad
Alpha-vis micro HSI™ A 400-800nm 40 bands 1280 Hz 1280 2.1 kg 67 urad
  B 350-1000nm 60 bands 800 Hz 1280 2.1 kg 67 urad
SWIR microHSI™ 640   850-1700nm 170 bands, 5nm 320 Hz 640 3.5 kg 409 urad
SWIR microHSI™ 640C   850-1700nm 170 bands, 5nm 100 Hz 640 1.1 kg 409 urad
Alpha-SWIR microHSI™   900-1700nm 160 bands, 5nm 100 Hz 640 1.2 kg 250 urad
Extra-SWIR microHSI™ (preliminary)   864-2400nm 256 bands, 6nm 200 Hz 320 2.6 kg 492 urad

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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