NovaSol Awarded $9.8 Million Contract for Mobile Compact Optical Interrogator (MCOI)

NovaSol has been awarded a $9.8M contract by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) for development of a Mobile Compact Optical Interrogator (MCOI). This development program will include a series of free-space optical communications terminals to support research at the Naval Research Laboratory. MCOI extends NovaSol's work under the Dual Mode Optical Interrogator program, which successfully demonstrated that the underlying physics could meet real-world challenges for optical laser communications (lasercomm).

MCOI will address the emerging applications by fitting this technology within the operational constraints of actual tactical situations. Key program elements include reduction in size, weight, and power; automation and integration into military networks; and implementation of advanced architectures to enhance performance and reliability. A chief program goal is to produce small, inexpensive lasercomm terminals to support unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations.

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