Remote Sensing

Temporally Enhanced Adaptive Multi-Spectral System for Coastal Airborne Reconnaissance

The TEAMS program, funded by CEROS, is an effort exploring the unique use of focal plane technology. Unlike conventional multispectral systems, TEAMS will acquire separate wavelengths on different chips. Integrating advanced sensor technology, the system will feature a wide field-of-view and a high coverage rate. Of minimal size, weight, and power, the system can be easily aligned and calibrated.

TEAMS is a response to the changing mission of the U.S. Navy, which today requires detection of submerged objects in shallow littoral areas. Acoustic and magnetic anomaly sensor performance is limited in this environment. In response, applicable optical sensors such as TEAMS are being developed

Because there is a limited aquatic spectral signature, target detection can be accomplished through multispectral imaging where SNR/data processing is enhanced with minimal spectral bands. In these cases, environment clutter is temporally and spatially variant but targets are largely invariant.

The program is based on the design and construction of a single integrated custom CCD camera. In addition, a cost-effective stabilization and navigation system is being built for TEAMS, adapted from the Compact Airborne Stabilization System (COMPASS), which was developed by NovaSol under a NASA SBIR.

NovaSol will conduct flight tests in Honolulu with the completed system to analyze the resulting data.

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.
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