Fusion Processor

NovaSol is currently developing a computer system for the U.S. Navy that will accept panchromatic and hyperspectral imagery and apply real-time detection algorithms to identify targets within that imagery. This system, called the spatial-spectral target analysis and reporting system (SSTARS), is designed for in-flight operation.

The SSTARS system is a multi-year project consisting of three phases:

  • Phase I: Develop and test baseline algorithms and software on non-real-time computer.
  • Phase II: Design/build real-time computer h/w and s/w system for P-3. Deploy & test system with optimized algorithms.
  • Phase III: Design, build and test board-level h/w and s/w for deployment on a fast mover (F-18 or JSF).


A cube of hyperspectral data consisting of a large number of 2D spatial planes with each plane acquired from a different wavelength of the spectrum.

The non-real-time system is based on a multiprocessor Microsoft Windows 2000 platform and preserves the U.S. Navy's investment in its Naval Input Station (NAVIS) by providing the capability to directly ouput target detection results and imagery to NAVIS.

The Phase II real-time system is a rack-mounted VME-based platform utilizing over 15 array processors and ultra-high speed communication channels to rapidly geo-register imagery, detect targets, fuse imagery, and display the results to the in-flight operator.

Phase III focuses on maintaining the capabilities demonstrated on the Phase II platform while miniaturizing the system to be deployed in an ATR platform.

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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